Music Review. Trey and the Weeknd

I'm checking out the latest music and listened to a recent releases and I'm not impressed.

Listening to Trey Songz new release titled 'Intermission' and I really don't like it. All the tracks kind of sound similar and one in particular (FWYB) sounds like a Drake knock off. I had to check online to see if Drake produced it. There are a few songs that I like on it and it's rather raunchy but it is Trey Songz we're talking about so I'm not surprising considering that's his thing. He always plays into the sex appeal factor he has going on with the ladies but to me it's becoming rather redundant. On the contrary I instantly liked most of his last album though Trigga and I purchased the entire CD. I have to feel the beat like most ladies but with this release I'm unimpressed. Take a listen for yourself and you decide. I may purchase a few tracks but they'll have to grow on me. Nothing purchased yet.
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The Weeknd also released a song today "The Hills".  Not my taste but some of you may like it. To each his own right??!!!

My favorite can't get enough song for the moment is DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge - 'You Know You Like It'.  I take it I'm not alone on this one considering the video has gotten 18 million views.  The treatment for the video is also creative. Winner all around for this one video and song. Great workout song.

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