MET Gala fashion run through

The 2015 MET Gala is tonight and I must report that I have mixed feelings about the theme which is China... through the looking glass. My teenage daughter was the first to point out that theme was a bit tasteless and can be conceived as cultural appropriation. Couldn't we honor those in the fashion industry who are of Asian decent and pay homage to the contributions of Asian designers with a bit more decorum than putting cherry blossom tattoos on? But I'll leave the politics of evening alone and I'll let you guys judge for yourselves while I get to the fashion. 

I won't list them all but I will show some of the nights most interestingly dressed people. Notice I didn't say best dressed because to me very few were spectacularly dressed but it's a costume ball sooooooo.... OKay. Some will get a pass even though some were clearly unaware of what a costume means.  

My absolute favorite was KK. I don't really care for the girl but she definitely has some fashion hits. 

Also Zendaya looked stunning in her choice. I'm really starting to like this young lady. She needs to make sure she keeps her stylist because she has been looking beautiful at these events on the red carpet. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z were there. I think Beyonce must be going through a phase where she's starting to feel old. She's clearly dressing more revealing lately. That normally starts to happen when you're really young or you're starting to feel a bit old and you want confirmation that you still got it. I don't know... the verdict is still out and we'll have to see if I'm correct on that little analysis. 

Clearly Solange attempted at the costume theme. I don't like nor do I get the dress which I believe to be a fan but it's clearly a costume.

Mrs. Alicia Keys!

I love Mrs. Amal Clooney's fashion choices. She stays in a beautiful gown. 

Anna Wintour of course!

Helen Mirren looked elegant and classy!

Absolutely love Janelle Monae's attire. She always seems to get it right but it may be the black and white theme that she sticks with that gives her that effortlessly chic vibe. Love the B/W with red lips and her hair is always on point.  

Jennifer Lopez is another one who may be going through that I need to be extra sexy phase. I get it but I don't understand why women feel the need to go almost nude to feel validation for their sexy. Especially not when you've already accomplished so much and have all eyes on you already. 

Karen Elson came costume ready. I like this costume actually. 

Lady Gaga!

Naomi C. and Lee Daniels looked stunning. Wouldn't expect anything less of Naomi. 

Thought it was odd that Lenny's date was his ex-wife Lisa when he could have accompanied his daughter but who am I to judge their bond. I always thought that they were perfect for each other anyway. Does anyone remember "A Different World"? Yup... I'm up there in age. LOL

Their daughter Zoe Kravitz and Miley. I actually liked Zoe's dress because it fits her image. 

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