How did you spend your long weekend?

Memorial Day is a national holiday in the U.S. and symbolically marks the official start of the summer season. Along the coast beaches are a big part of the summer and are typical hot spots for locals and tourist. NJ beaches have become a hot tourist destination with the long lasting MTV show the Jersey Shore which only aired for 4 seasons but had a long lasting impact with the teen generation.

For my official start of the season I decided to stay local and visit the shore myself and it was packed! Take a look at the video I took of a line waiting to get into a local drinking hot spot called the Tiki Bar. The line wrapped around twice outside and that doesn't include the people who were on the line inside the building and the patrons inside the bar. Didn't eat here though because of the crowds but if you're ever able to visit during the summer, the shore is definitely a must. You'll find things to do for the entire family and the food is definitely spectacular! 

My favorite summer fatty desserts from the shore would be funnel cakes and waffle ice cream sandwiches. The hot waffles plus the ice cream makes it messy and great!

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