Good Eats! Breakfast Edition

You guys know I like to share my recipes with you from time to time and this past weekend I make whole grain waffles for the family and they were awesome! There weren't grainy at all and they were extra light and fluffy. My 5 year old normally only eats half a waffle and they must always be freshly prepared but she ate a whole waffle when I made this whole grain version and actually asked for more. It's definitely a keeper in my recipe selection. They were totally the opposite of how I thought they would turn out because I've had whole wheat waffles before and they weren't the light fluffy consistency that I prefer so if you're like me and you like the light and fluffy then you'll love these and the bonus is that their healthier for you. Hopefully you'll  love this healthier alternative as much as my family did and if so make sure you let me know.

To start I use Bob's 10 Grain Pancake Whole Grain Mix. It totally depends on how many people you're preparing for as to how much flour you should use. Let's start out with 1 whole cup for 3 people but if you prepare pancakes or waffles then you'll know how to measure based on how many people your feeding.

Recipe inside..

- 1 cup of 10 grain pancake & waffle mix
- 1/2 cup of low fat or 2% milk
- teaspoon of vanilla extract
-  pinch of baking powder
- almost a teaspoon (or a big pinch) of brown sugar
-  1 teaspoon of oil  
-  a dash of ground cinnamon (not a whole teaspoon because it will be overwhelming)
the cinnamon is optional but I add it because cinnamon is good for blood sugar

Preheat your waffle maker and use butter flavored none stick spray. Don't put your waffle maker on full heat - make sure that it's slightly below the full heat temperature so your waffle can rise without over browning. After the waffle has sat and raised for about 2 minutes, you can add a pat of butter inside the waffle maker (I like my butter heated into the waffle) and you're done. I add strawberries (you can add bananas too) and you now have a perfect healthy breakfast.

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