Billboard Music Awards Review

Happy Monday!!! Did you get a chance to watch the Billboard Music Awards last night? If you're like me, then you were back and forth because overall most awards shows are boring with the exceptions of who wore what.

Mariah Carey found her voice again. For a moment I thought she had lost it when she had a few bad performances.

Also the network bleeped out so much of Kanye's performance that I thought there was something wrong with my television. If he knew that they would sensor him then why choose those songs? It was overkill!

more on the flip...

Also I guess the Kardashian brand it setting up their next generation earners by having them featured where they can get some exposure. Kendall and Kylie introduced brother-inlaw Kanye and were booed unexpectedly. Now you may not be a fan of their family but to boo children is out right disrespectful. They are still both very young and despite the media circus they were raised in, they still don't deserve to be booed. Just my thoughts.

Then there was the tribute to one of my favorite movies... the Breakfast Club!!!! Loved the song back then, but the performance last night was lack luster. They could have just brought the original cast out and had them speak about the movie and how it was sparked a generational cult following. IDK... but the music wasn't that great because it was bland.

A few mentions about the fashion from the night.
I don't know what's going on with the vets of the game. I swear it's something with these ladies feeling the pressure to stay relevant. I say it each and every time we see a lady of a certain age dressed in less clothing then the young girls. It's a reach and screams you're trying to hard.

Jennifer Lopes...

I'm starting to really like Zendaya Coleman. I think she'll go far in her career but I don't like the outfit. Maybe it would have worked with a different blazer. I don't know but it was too busy for my taste. Yes... I'm aware that it matched the pants but it's just too much. Loved the shoes though. LOL She get's a pass because she is young and testing out fashion until she finds her own sense of style. That's what youth is for.

The Chris Brown escorted his newly discovered daughter to the show which I thought was cute. Hopefully she progresses his maturity a bit. 

And finally Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo were red hot! I absolutely loved her jumper. They make a sexy little couple don't they? To be honest I didn't even know who she was until I saw her in this little outfit and looked her up. See what fashion can do for you?? LOL

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