Shoe and Bag debate

Happy Friday beautiful people!!!! Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived but I wish the weather would cooperate a bit more here in NJ. Despite that I'm still happy for the extended weekend. So scrolling through my timeline I stumbled upon a discussion where a guy said he hates to see a woman with bad shoes and a cheap bag and to my surprise many man agreed with him on the topic. Now I'll be honest with you, I do agree that shoes should be decent and generally for me it's the most costly component of my outfit but by no means do I break the bank on shoes and I totally disagree on the bag subject. At this very moment my bag is from J Crew and it's a leather tote (below) that I can throw anything in which includes my laptop. My bag has to serve me 10 fold because I'm a techie and I have a 5 year old so it has to be a mommy bag on steroids. I also have another black large hobo bag that had two sides that I carry a lot but my bag must carry a laptop or a tablet, then my wallet, hand wipes, sunglasses, tissues, hand lotion, lip gloss, and most importantly snacks. Today I even have gym clothes in my bag. These are my necessities any given day so I need a large bag and my color preference is always neutral. My bags always have a neutral color pallet. Like the Mackage satchel that is also neutral yet stylish shown on the side... it's also one of the pieces I own and wear regularly when I don't need a laptop. 
More on the flip...
Bags are both functional and stylish and depending on the need of the user, it can vary in too many different factors. I wouldn't say that my bag is cheap either but it's definitely no Louis Vuitton tote. I absolutely love the smell of good leather and there is a difference in grains of leather. I also don't see the need to spend $1,400 on a tote that will get dirty and run the risk of my strap stretching from the weight of my heavy laptop. No thanks! I'm not spending that type of money for someone else to acknowledge my bag is a particular designer. I may also through a clutch in the mix to match my outfit so now I'll have two bags depending on what time of the day I'm out.

Now on to shoes. My goodness shoes can be a real touchy subject. I love  a good quality shoe but not just of a particular designer label associated. Shoes falls into the category of you get what you pay for and when you pay more you get a better designed shoe. NOW with that said, you would never catch me in a shoe over $300.00 and that's a stretch. If it's costing me $300.00 you can bet money that it was on sale and originally closer to the $1000.00 range. That's a 70% discount and even if it's on sale for around $300 it better also have an additional percentage off and it MUST go with more than a few things in my closet because I build onto what I have. It's like a puzzle and pieces must be interchangeable.  Anyway $300 is my limit but everyone is different. By the way, I never pay full price for shoes. Hell I never pay full price for anything because it doesn't make sense with seasons changing and the seasonal turn over being so quick. 

I believe that a shoe can make or break an outfit just like accessories. I accessorize everything! Shoes should be a statement piece like a necklace, earrings or sweaters. I'll go into sweaters during fall but they should also be statement pieces. I did a sweater post before and you'll see what I mean by statement in that post here: Sweater Weather  

People notice shoes so whatever your budget make sure that you're shoes are the best for your budget. They should be like the wrapping of a present and make you have a warm cozy feeling and they should also have character even if they're neutral in color. Another thing is they cannot be misfitted shoes. I see it all the time and it breaks the look completely. If your feet are wide then a lot of shoes will not fit you but shoes are abundant so you spend your money on what compliments your body. Currently I prefer comfort but If I wear high heels then it's paired with a special outfit and usually during the evening hours or if they're exceptionally comfortable. Typically if the shoe has a wedge heel or smaller heel they're easier to wear and more durable. Below are a few examples of how a shoe can make an outfit. Now is one of the perfect times to start finding deals on sandals too. If you wait until the end of June, they'll really have great deals because retailers will be stocking Fall 2015 merchandise so finding sizes will still be really good. Happy hunting people and let me know what you think on the subject.  

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