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Hi beautiful people. I hope you're fully enjoying your weekend. I've spoken on finding fashion choices that don't break the bank I decided to try something new with you guys and you can let me know if you like the feature and if we should keep it. I always speak of how I try to find great priced fashion with character that tells how I feel at any given day so I decided to showcase to you all what I mean exactly with some personal shots of my own.

Since the weather was nice I headed out with my kids to give you guys two different looks today. Both are fun weekend looks for nice weather and I wanted you guys to see the versatility in the choices.

Remember I said I keep my J Crew tote with me at all time in a neutral color? Wanted to incorporate the bag so that you can see first hand. I mentioned in an earlier post that I always accessorize and I purchase pieces that are distinctive so my shirt is very bold yet still casual and I paired with the red lips for accent. I accessorize my bag with two paisley handkerchiefs as well.
Shirt: Piperlime (unfortunately closed now) $90.00
Jeans: Levi's $30.00
Shoes: $90.00
Bag: J Crew tote can be purchased on sale for $130.00

another on the flip...

Overalls with pins (my own choices)
Blazer: Banana Republic factory store online: $25.00
Shirt: perforated tank Piperlime $19.00
Overalls: Old Navy $23.00
Shoes:  L.A.M.B. $175.00
I happen to prefer Gap for denim or Levi's. They're reasonably priced and you can stock on variation. I don't understand buying $200+ denim unless they are embroidered or specially designed. Basic denim can be purchased for under $50.
I also love blazers! I tend to suggest layers so that you can remove or add pieces according to the weather and temperature.

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  1. I love those wedge heel shoes you have on. The mini tee-strap look is my fetus!