Balmain for H&M??? Dreams come true!

I cannot wait for the debut of the Balmain / H&M collection! I love fashion but fashion that's reasonably priced is more my speed. I'm not the girl who splurges on big ticket brand name items simply for the sake of saying I have that brand in my closet. Sorry but keeping up with the Jones is not my thing. I love fashion and what it does to transform and I firmly believe that you can make an impact with fashion simply by playing with pieces, color and textures. 

Price has little to do with making a statement but you do get what you pay for and those designers are paid handsomely because of their creativity in design. It's an art and the designs are their masterpieces and in my opinion Olivier Rousteing is a genius at what he does and I hope that it's translates just as well in the collaboration with H&M. I will be eagerly awaiting it's November 5th debut date. By the way it comes just in time for my birthday on November 2nd which makes it even more special. I just hope that it doesn't sell out before I'm able to shop which has been the case in the past with other guest designer H&M collections. I'm marking the date on my calendar and we'll be sure to discuss every piece here with you guys. 

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