Rough few days

It's been a rough few days for me. I took a road trip from New Jersey to North Carolina which is an 8+ hour drive and I did it in one day! My family and I went to celebrate my niece graduating from UNC and I was beat and tired after that drive. My intentions were to stay there overnight but most of the hotels were booked for Mother's Day and graduation and I'm petrified of bed bugs so I didn't want to take any chances so we drove back home after the festivities. Never again! 

Then my husband didn't get me anything for Mother's Day. Okay... I know I say every year not to buy me anything but I don't really mean it. LOL  Even my teenagers know that I secretly get upset when they actually have nothing! I know it's crazy and if I want something then I should just say it but shouldn't they know me enough to know my taste and what I like??? Shouldn't the closest people to you know you enough to gauge your taste? I do it for them all the time. I was discussing this with another friend of mine and she said she's the same way and here I am thinking I'm the only crazy one. The thing is I don't want to know what I'm getting as a gift. It diminishes the surprise appeal of the gift and then when asked what I want, I don't want to seem like I NEED anything but the gift is suppose to show acknowledgement for the contribution I add to their lives. I don't need anything but it's nice to feel appreciated and yes... the gift doesn't symbolize the gratitude but it does show that you went out of your way to think about what I would like and therefore attempted to do it on your own. It's the symbolism of the act that means the most and not the actual gift and me telling you what to get takes away from the act. It's not crazy... it's just how women think.  Do you agree? 
Bueller... Bueller (80's movie joke reference here for those not up on it LOL)
Then I have a family reunion coming up next month and since December I've had a family member organizing the event and hounding me about the arrangements. At first, I was reluctant to attend because it's in Disney World a week before school ends here in NJ but after she went through all the effort and planning I finally gave in and purchased all the tickets (airfare, hotel accommodations and theme park tickets) and NO you didn't read wrong, I purchased all of it so that she could stop bothering us with text trying to confirm our arrangements. Then late last night I received a text saying she will now be unable to attend. WTF??? My first thoughts were okay, there will be other family there and my kids will enjoy it so it's no big deal but I grew more upset as the night progressed and I asked why she was not coming. It's really none of my business but it was your damn family reunion planning that spawned all of this. If I wanted to go to Disney World I could have NO would have planned it around my kids birthday when the weather is more bearable in Florida. It's brutally hot in Florida in June. So after thousands of dollars spent to get my five to Disney, you're now not attending???? I'm at the point of saying keep me out of the next round of BS family events. They never work out as planned and I initially said that exact thing in December but... I caved when I shouldn't have knowing my family. FLAKYYYYY!!!! My husbands family is not like that and I got the sense that he was highly amused when I told him because if it were his family, that crap wouldn't happen. 
side note: my family (same people) did the same thing during my wedding after I paid for them to attend. Another thing that pissed me off. 

Finally the last and probably my biggest loss this week was the closing of Piperlime.com. NOOOOO I wasn't ready! They closed my favorite online store. Were you all aware that Piperlime.com was closed for business? I swear 75% of everything in my closet came from Piperlime. My daughter said so where will you shop now? That was my exact same thought when I found out and guess how I found out they were closed. I found out when I logged online to buy myself something nice for Mother's Day at my favorite store. YES.. cue the sad music please. I was all in my feelings and just decided to go to bed. LOL 

Well anyway... have a great week BFF's! I'll talk to you tomorrow. 

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