Solange fashion Hit or Miss?

Happy hump day people! Only 2 more days until Memorial Day and here in the northern east coast it feels more like the beginning of fall so if you happen to turn up some place warm this weekend please enjoy for me too. I really do feel like I'll be breaking out the sweaters real soon. This weather is throwing off my internal clock and I'm in desperate need of some sun!

Back to the fashion talk. Yesterday Martell Cognac celebrated it's 300th anniversary at the historic Palace of Versailles in France and Solange attended slaying it in this Stephane Rolland black and white piece. What are your thoughts on it? I personally think it's a hit!!! I tend to like most of Solange's fashion choices though. She's eclectic and different and she definitely knows how to play with fashion. I've said it before and I'll say it again... fashion is a tool and it's meant to be used as a form of expression to deliver a message to the world about who you are and how you feel at the moment. You definitely get fun and fearless from her fashion choices. 

More from Stephane Rolland...

Here are a few more pieces from Stephane Rolland for you to lust over. Definitely a visionary and edgy in the designing of this collection. I particularly love these pieces.

This one would make a BEAUTIFUL wedding gown. And check out the shoes that they paired with it. Exceptional!!!!


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