Lipstick junkies... get in here!

Happy New Year beautiful! So another year another lipstick lust story.

As always, you ladies know my daughter is my lipstick guru and she went on a hunt to physically find us a store which carried the Lime Crime Velvetines and I'm hooked on the colors. I purchased 3, one of which is Wicked and I love the color saturation. I must admit that it looks better worn with a lip liner. Surprisingly I also love the Suede Berry Color which is totally a Caribbean orange in my opinion. My husband said it looked like I was going on vacation. Wearing that color totally depends on the outfit and the statement you're trying to make. Plus it really does make you feel like the weather is heating up. I'm sure that will be my go to for the summer.  I also purchased Pink Velvet which dries very matte but has a similar look to Urban Decay's Anarchy.

Still overall it's a hit and flies off the shelves. Wicked sells for $50 on Amazon. It retails for $20 at Urban Outfitters and there is only one Urban Outfitter store which actually stocks them and I got them to review for you. It's a hit!!!!

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