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So if you're like me and completely dependent on your gadgets, then I have a few that's a total must for you busy lifestyle. I never leave home without my wireless ear buds which I use on the train, at my desk, at the gym and in my car to chat on the phone. I also always carry my tablet. I confess that I'm addicted to online shopping. If I'm not ordering something to try then I'm browsing the internet constantly on the look out for the next best thing. My go to online shop for gadgets at a super cheap price is GoSolarMobile.
I've listed a few of my must haves and a site to purchase that's priced well and reliable.
Start your year off fresh and tech savvy.

My bluetooth ear buds take me from my car to the gym. I admit that I cannot leave home without my wireless ear buds. I even have a back up pair in my glove compartment just in case. This LG version comes in Black or White and has very good sound. I love them because you can take the ear bud out and have the bar rest on your neck when running.

And I personally take my IPad mini everywhere and I LOVE color so these cases are great and attractive. My pop of color even crosses over to my tech accessories.  

Lastly... I keep a solar powered back up battery charger with me when traveling so that I never lose battery life on my cell. I even have a bigger version so that I can power my IPad. 

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