Men's Wear

There's something special about a well dressed man that's undeniably hot! Especially when a man knows how to take commercialized fashion and tailor it to be his own. When men take fashion queues from the runway and style it to fit his individual masculinity, you have a true style king! So men believe me when I tell you that people notice because they do. Tailored fashion doesn't need to be a traditional suit as long as the piece fits your body well then it's a match made in heaven.

Another factor that plays a huge role in how well your dress is how you accessorize the outfit. This is true for both men and women. However with men's wear you don't have to option of accessorizing with much so layering adds a level of depth that really makes a statement. If you check out the pictures below you'll notice that all of them have a layered look while still remaining neutrally colored in majority black.

Here are a few style selections from men who owned their look. Hopefully you appreciate their appeal as much as we do.

Side note... I especially love the "all black everything"... GOODNESS!!!

I  like this look the most. He really accessorized with the jewelry to polish off the ease of the look.

Here you find a man who played with color and won. Still very masculine!

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