Rev up Your Denim

UrShadyBFF LOVES everything denim!  Especially when it's done with flare. I'm going to provide my special friends with a few tips to ramp up your basic denim. Turn heads and inspire others with these tips to enhance the denim you already have with very little effort.

Tip #1: Invest in a pair of neon or bright colored pumps! You can even opt for a pair of bright blue so that you can get more use of them but trust me... the investment will be worth it. Take a look at some celebrity looks that you can achieve.

Kim K. makes a powerful statement with these bold neon pumps with very little effort.
I'm also a huge fan of pairing a blazer with denim. This look slays even with minimal accessories. 

Here we have Ledisi with a pop of color added to her denim jumper.

More bright colored pumps.

Tip #2: Accessorize! Try adding brooches or patches to your denim shirt or jackets. It really does punch up the look and can be dressed up or down depending upon if you use brooches or fabric.

Check my links page for a link to an online store to get great deals on brooches for yourself. I'm trying one of my own and I'll post my project as soon as it's complete. I'll convert my old denim shirt to a new updated version with picture tutorials. 
Also check my Pinterest page for more looks to try. 

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