Winter Hair Blues Tips

Winter is especially harsh on our hair ladies. Even so if you're African American, the winter months can be brutal with it's cold dry air and the extra layers such as hats and scarves can really damage your ends causing splitting.

I'm here to give you some solutions which can really bring life back to your hair and help prevent damage if you live in an area where it's cold during these Winter months. If you're lucky enough to be in a nice warm place, extend an invite ASAP! (hahaha)
Also if you have a great tip you would like to share let us know.

Tip 1: 
Use your spare time to steam hair with natural oils. I personally use Jojoba oil but the oil used is really up to personal preference because Jojoba oil can be used as an entire body moisturizer. You can even use Olive Oil which is found around the house. It's a great alternative and doesn't leave a heavy residue.  Extra bonus of steaming your hair in the house you can also simultaneously get a steam treatment for your face which is excellent and a must for beautiful skin. Get a pot of boiling water (covered with a lid), turn the heat off after it reaches a rolling boil to prevent accidents and cover your head with a towel (make sure you have the oil already applied to your hair), cover with a plastic cap, remove the lid and soak in all the steam for 2 - 5 minutes. Make sure that you rotate your head to get the sides and back.

If you prefer to sit under a dryer oil your hair paying close attention to the ends and cover with a plastic cap. Sit under the dryer for 15 minutes.

Tip 2: 
If you cannot steam your hair then make sure you're moisturizing daily. Use a heavier oil on the ends of your hair as this area tend to be the most dry. Ends split more easily during the winter months so moisturizing is your best friend.

Tip 3:
Add a silk liner to your hat if possible or use a silk scarf under your hat to prevent loss of moisture and friction. Also make sure that you're sleeping with a silk wrap or using a silk pillow case to prevent loss of moisture and friction. My bedroom gets especially dry at nights due to the fact that I turn up the heat so I use a humidifier which is also good for your skin. (side note: are you ladies seeing the pattern between the dry skin and hair?... good!)

Tip 4:
Give yourself a deep protein treatment. I personally like to use Mizani Fulfyl Treatment because it's easier to just get it out of a bottle but there are tons of natural protein treatments that you can use.

Tip 5: 
Use a protective hair style! I have box braids right now for this exact reason and I do them myself. It takes me a little longer than a stylist but I'm happy with the money I save. It's easy to do, cheap and a real time saver in the mornings. I've had mine for about 3 weeks now and the size usually determines how long they'll last and stay neat.  I know I don't have to sell you on protective styles right? Especially if you're natural which I am. Ohhhh... and it's great for the gym. As I said before I'm natural and going to the gym to sweat while natural... well these two do not get along. At all! You get the point.

This is me with my 3 week old box braids... still not bad but I'm redoing them this weekend after a protein treatment and oil steam session. Hope you beat the winter months with minimal breakage!

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