The joys of girly stuff

Take things you already own and make them beautiful. I've had a glass dome cake stand for years and I occasionally turn it upside down to hold my fruit which turns out very pretty but there are tons of other things you can do with it This is soooo girlie but I Love it!

I personally couldn't do most of these in my home because my husband would complain about his bathroom turning into a ladies salon or spa but it's beautiful if you're a single girl or have a teen with her own bathroom.

Bring your living room to life with this floral centerpiece or actually use it for a dinner party or wedding floral arrangement.

This is a great way to display and organize your makeup. Even my makeup caddy lacks space for all my lipsticks. This is a perfect way to organize them all.

Keep all your nail polish organized with the manicure accessories with a tiered cake stand.

Organize and display your perfumes

Another floral arrangement can be used for home dining and special evenings. Simply get a floral foam dome from an arts and craft store, an arrangement from your local grocery and you have elegant beauty all for under $10. You can add the pearls for a special touch.

Couldn't get away without showing you guys my personal bathroom organizer. I love it and my husband doesn't mind it because it's not too much on the feminine side plus it keeps my things on my side of the dual vanity. I love it!

I even made my own mani-pedi workstation in my walk-in closet. Keeps my nail polish out of the way so that my husband doesn't feel overwhelmed and it's nice, neat and organized all in the corner of my closet. 

Order your own organizer from the site directly... coming soon. 

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