You Reap What U Sow

With 2015 approaching we know that a new year is a symbolic start of renewal and a fresh start but new habits doesn't have to begin at the start of a year.  I've actually started laying seeds to have 2015 be a very dynamic year.

I would like to share some of the things that I've stumbled upon that I'm using to enrich myself. One thing that I'm increasingly becoming aware of is that we all know ourselves and what's best for ourselves more than anyone else. We all have internal guides that we learn how to mute it as we grow but it's the one sense that we should grow and fine tune. It's ironic that at the same time I started reading The Gift of Fear by Favin De Becker, I also happen to stumble upon a lecture done by Oprah. The two are different but have similarities that spoke to me directly about what I must do to grow and be my best self. In Oprah's speech she says that her life's philosophy is to live by Newton's law of physics. For every action, there is an equal reaction but basically it's the law of karma that she's discussing. Everything that you do has a impact and everything that you're doing now will come back to you in the future. This is the meaning of you reap what you sow. Basically the seeds you plant for yourself is what you get in the future so plant good seeds. START living YOUR true life now so that in the future, it comes to you or the byproducts of that which you've started. 

In the book The Gift Of Fear it speaks about the instinctual guide we have. It starts off with a compelling story of survival and how people instinctually know things but tend to reason them out. A good one from the book is how we as people recognize dogs ability to read people but in actuality it's not the dog reading people but our dog knows us and reads us to the point the dog reacts and we say our dog never trusted so and so. This man has made a business of harnessing what we all have naturally and his job is to show it to ourselves. He's trying to teach his readers that we already possess a natural ability to guide us to our destiny and ultimately keep ourselves safe from those who intend us harm. 

 I'm learning that I must fine tune my innate ability and quiet myself so that I listen to my inner guide. I must learn to meditate so that I drown out the background noise. I must know that when I feel that something isn't right, that I'm 100% right. It happens a lot to all of us yet we never listen to make plans to change our circumstances. 

Are you sitting at your desk right now at your job scrolling the internet thinking that something just isn't right but you just don't know what it is? Are you actually scrolling the internet looking for something to pop out and speak directly to you? I know I've been there... too often to count and this is me speaking directly to you. Listen to yourself. LISTEN! And with that new voice you hear... plant and sow away. 

Good luck! 

Here's Oprah: 

And the book

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