Win points with the kids!

I know the weekend is over but the good weather is just starting so what better way to win brownie points with the family than to impress the kiddies. Don't you love being considered the greatest parent ever? I know first hand there is no better feeling in the world than to make my kids happy. Just seeing their joy brings me great satisfaction that I'm doing it right and if you're a parent you've wondered more than once if you're doing a good job. It's part of being a parent. Spend some of your spare time making some cheap fun stuff for the kids and believe me, they'll remember appreciate it forever! You may even start a few traditions as well which continue throughout the years and you'll forever be known as the greatest with all the kids. Only thing required is a few trinkets that you may already have or a few dollars and your imagination. I've added a few ideas below to get you started. 

You can do any of these in summer or fall so make sure you keep the ideas handy so that your kids can discover a magical place right inside or outside your door. A few minutes making these will give your kids hours of play time so you can take some time after to either marvel in the fact that you just boosted your cool points or you can get some time to yourself. Either way it's a win-win!

So this project is good for indoor or outdoor and you bring the wonder out of a child with simple x-mas lights. It's even cool for the adults to join in with the imaginary play. Lights just do something for kids that really inspires the imagination. The lights can be stars and they're now astronauts or astronomers. The limits are endless and the joy last a lifetime.

Become Spiderman or just make a game out of it but all you need is tape and streamers from the dollar store and they'll be pre-occupied for hours!

This carwash I absolutely love!!! It will cost you a little bit more because it requires a trip to Home Depot or Walmart for some piping, sponges and pool noodles but they'll love it!

All you need here is some paper plate, markers, an empty paper towel roll and

If you already have a tent then just get out your Christmas lights and get to decorating.

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