Chanel's NYC Paris-Salzburg event

Karl and Chanel held an event in NYC last night to feature his collection which was attended by plenty of celebrities. The collection itself however had me feeling very mixed with it's "vampire-esque" vibe. I know it's intended to make us feel nostalgic but it just made me feel that they are the utmost supreme Twilight fans. I'm not feeling it. There were some nice pieces thrown in here and there but as much as I like vampire movies, I have no desire to dress like one.

The atmosphere and swag was very nice though! 

More of the show and the decor on the flip.

The swag bag for the attendees were nice and the decor design was extremely elegant!

The pretzels were about the only thing that was normal! CUTE!!!

I like the men's wear more then the women's wear. It not too bad.

There's Kendall J. on top of her modelling game!

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