Do you mind if your spouse earns less or more than you?

TGIF family!!! Friday couldn't get here fast enough this week. I'm especially looking forward to the nice weather we're suppose to have here in Jersey tomorrow. It's starting to feel like Spring and I'm grateful!

I was driving into the office today and the question of the day on the radio was do you care if your woman/wife does for a living or how much she makes. Most of the men replied with a 'no' and said as long as she's able to take care of her own needs then it doesn't matter but one said 'yes' and I agree with him. I think that a woman should bring her own accomplishments and money to the table. If we have two decent salaries then great but my main concern is me and what I've done for myself. The host of the radio show said that he wants to be with someone who is concerned with her own and isn't just using her time worried about what he's doing and when he comes home he wants to hear about things that he doesn't know. So basically he wants to feel stimulated and as well as a sense of pride that they are both accomplished in their own right and I 100% agree. I hear my husband tell people all the time what I do for a living and I see first hand the sense of pride that comes with that for him and for me. I have never been one to depend on a man. Self accomplishments lead to a sense of pride for both sexes. Also I've seen myself how attitudes change when a man is the primary bread winner. In my opinion a guy can feel that you, his women should feel appreciative of what he does for you and that is not a spouse.. that's a parent and I already have parents! Also I've witnessed men treat woman who can do for themselves with more respect as one man that I know have put it... "he doesn't slut her out". I didn't even know that was a thing but apparently it is to some. OUCH!!!

On my day job, I have a few co-workers whose wives don't work at all and strictly raise their children and I see how they talk about their wives like they're disposable. One said I could careless if she leaves like it would be a weight off of his shoulders. In my experience, these men are more likely to sign up to travel for business too. Each one of them request the most travel and doesn't mind being away from their families for weeks and I find that unacceptable as a women. But I guess my feelings are based on the fact that I know what they say here in the office and I know that the travel is at times unnecessary. So men... what's your thoughts? Does the occupation of your spouse make a difference for you?

As for women... must your man make more than you? I know lots of women who make more than their husbands but I don't think this is the norm. Do you care if you split the bills or must your man pay most or all of the bills? Do you seek out men who make more money than yourself and if so why? Do you notice a difference in how you're treated? People tend to do what they feel they can get away with and if you are dependent on your spouse financially then they may feel they can get away with more than the average. What's your thoughts?

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