Low Cost Tricks to Improve you home

Home is where the heart is right? So why not make your home the best that it can be with simple improvements that will not only wow your guest but make you feel like you're staying in a high end hotel. There is a reason why the hotel industry pay top dollar to have their rooms staged. When staging luxury hotels pay attention to the small details that really the average stand out. With variations in decor and minor changes that will literally cost less than a full home makeover, these tips are sure to glam up your home instantly. 

Accessories for the basics really make a powerful statement. Try framing your television to give your room an elegant feel. 

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Add covers to your vents. There are many different patterns and colors for every taste and easily make the ordinary vent, a luxury accessory to the ordinary. 

Change the covers on your light switches and power sockets.

Do you live in a small space? Use mirrors to give an optical illusion of larger space.

Polish up your wardrobe by fine tuning your closet space. Add a bit of wall paper to add a touch of elegance and make all of your hangers the same. 

Add tons of throw pillows and varying textures throw blankets. Textures add the illusion of multiple dynamics to a room. It plays on the sense of touch and makes you feel comfortable. 

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