Best Selfie Ever!!!

There's no denying that social media has becoming increasingly relevant in how we communicate. What started out as a way to link up with friends and advertise our cool selfies is quickly evolving into heavily used platforms for our own individual artistic eye. Let's face it for the most part, social media is about getting people to find you interesting and for you to broadcast just how awesome you are and has expanded beyond your old classmates to include strangers who simply want to see how you're living. It's all about likes and pictures are the best way to get people interested so we're increasingly seeking ways to improve our selfie game. The nature of the game is constantly changing and plain selfies aren't enough to keep people interested in following you anymore. You also need to give them the scenery of your beautiful life and all your wonderful adventures. If you think about it... it's actually becoming artistic in nature and the better the picture, the more follower you earn.

True story... I know a young lady who describes herself as a make-up artist and pretty much plasters her timeline with beautiful selfies of her perfectly made-up face but when I see her in person, I rarely see the talent that I saw via her timeline. She uses her social media platform as a way to recruit clients to purchase her services as a make-up artist. She's self taught,,, okay... but why do people actually pay her for her service if her make-up in person is not that great? When I saw her in person I would always wonder why and how she kept clients. I didn't understand at first but then I figured it out. It wasn't that her actual work was impressive with make-up, it was that her online presence and filters made her work look extraordinary and people noticed! People were and still are paying for her to do their make-up and then she takes their pictures in the same fashion that she does for herself and people are willing to pay for their filtered up selfie. It's the magic she used to get all those likes that got people interested enough to pay. It really is that serious folks! We are now paying for services to get our social media timeline photo-shoot fresh. She's has a budding side career but you my friends can accomplish that all on your own. I'll be discussing with you guys over a few post, just how to work your own filter magic!

It's all in your apps. The first app that I'll be featuring is VSCO Cam. There is a free version so don't worry, you won't need to pay anything for the basic services. VSCO is similar to Instagram because it too has it's own social media component where you can follow people but we'll be reviewing their wonderful filters so that you too can be on the same level as Annie Leibevitz when it comes to the pictures.

Here are two pictures that I took today that I spiced up a bit to show you the differences a 2 minute run through this app can do.

The 1st photo below is the altered photo. My goal is to make you feel the impact of nature I filtered the photo to make a statement with the sky but it's all personal preference when filtering your images. So play away!

The first is the original photo here. Again the clouds were the main focus but notice how the picture cleared up and I was able to remove some of the shadowing from my original. These clouds really popped and almost look fake in the 2nd photo. It's the wow factor that you're going for. It turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

I've included a video to help you get started and to understand the features a little better because the buttons aren't labeled so this clarifies a few features of the app.

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