I realized that we never really discussed the animation movie HOME. I'm not talking about discussing Rihanna playing the main character. I'm talking about the casting and Jennifer Lopez doing the voice of the Rihanna's mother! LOL... Read it again... so even though its a cartoon animation movie, the voices were paired in such a way that got me thinking and I know as a woman it crossed Jennifer's mind too. She played the mother (okay the voice of.. but whatever!) of Rihanna's character and that had to hurt just a little for her. Must have stung just a little bit! You're Jennifer, the body, the face the I still got it girl and then you're cast for a movie where you're playing the mom. Not just any damn mom either... you're the mother of Rihanna. Pop princess, taking over the game, new era hot girl!

At that point you say... okay. I'm cool with the part of the mom. Then you ask well who is the star and they hit you with Rihanna! You can just queue the somber music playing in her head at that point. The new IT girl who is in her 20's is being cast as your daughter?!?! I'm sure she had that discussion with someone. Probably Casper but what would your hired boyfriend say at that point? NOOOOO you don't have an old voice. Noooo you're not old and probably said you've still got it and clearly she does! 

She looks awesome but she's still 46 about to be 47 and Rihanna just turned 27. That had to sting some. Especially in an industry like Hollywood where they probably really amplified the fact that she's older and played on that insecurity factor. People can be so cruel but it's good talk for us. 

Clearly Jennifer's daughter was impressed. LOL 

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