TIME 100 Gala... Kanye's still a douche!

So TIME recently had their gala for their 100 most influential people in NYC last night and although Kanye was one of the honorees, he gave zero f*cks about a lady falling down in front of him. Damn... he could have at least shown some sympathy with an caring look or a hand. He looked more disturbed that she fell during his camera time. I guess that's the only child syndrome which I'm a bit familiar with myself. I am an only child and I can be at times a bit selfish but manners are still manners. You either have them or you don't.

Take a look at Amy Schumer's epic fall and Kanye's reaction. 

Now on to the fashion from the evening.

Faith Hill rocked this runway gown and looked great.

The dress, the hair color and style all flawlessly executed by Laverne Cox. This dress fits her body perfectly!

I'm not feeling how Naomi Campbell wore this runway Gaultier gown. Looks a little like Elvira-esque with the jacket. 

Kim was a bit droopy but the dress was nice. 

Love Misty Copeland and in true ballerina fashion, she stuck with ballerina fashion. LOL

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