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Spring has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier! I almost lost hope because although the season changed it snow and has been cold but I finally had a glimmer of hope yesterday. Although it was still chilly, you could feel the subtle shift in the air that Spring has finally sprung! Now... here comes the race to look good in less clothes. With warmer weather comes tank tops, short and sandals. All of which means we'll be seeing more of YOUR skin. Are you ready? 

To ensure dewy skin that glows you first must make sure that you're hydrating enough. Make sure that you're drinking enough water. This is the most basic component in great skin and it's also the most important. Water makes up 60% of a mans body and 55% of a woman  so staying hydrated is crucial! 

Then moisturize. We actually discussed this natural hydration mask before but with the Spring upon us, I thought it would be great to re-introduce it now. 

Advocado Honey Hydrating Mask
3 tablespoons of fresh cream (see earlier post for cream recipe)
1/4 avocado
1 tablespoon of honey

You may even use this on your hair by leaving out the cream so when you're making this make sure to use all of it and keep the components separate. For your hair you may want to add a little olive oil for an ultimate hydration treatment. 

Ohhh and if you are prone to dandruff like 

Ohhh and if you are prone to dandruff like myself, then you may want to introduce a pre-wash of apple cider vinegar. It works wonders but smells awful. However the smell washes out with your shampoo so don't worry about the smell. It gets rid of dandruff by removing the bacteria that is causing your hair to itch. This same bacteria can lead to hair thinning and hair loss so in my opinion Apple Cider Vinegar is a blessing in a bottle.  It also restores the Ph balance of your hair and it removes product build-up so this is great for product junkies leaving your hair naturally shiny. 

Don't forget your feet! I always hear horror stories, mostly from men about women with bad crusty feet. There is a cure for that and you most likely already have it sitting in your vanity. It's Vaseline or Petroleum jelly... all the same thing. Rub a little on your feet (really work on those heels) and put on some socks when you sleep and you'll have picture perfect feet in the morning. My husband does this too and his feet stay nice. Simple easy and already available!

So make sure you keep me posted on any Spring/Summer major events happening where you are. We'll feature them here. Enjoy!

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