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It's Thursday and Friday can't get here fast enough. I'm soooo ready for the weekend. The weather has mixed with chilly rain but overall I can still sense Spring so I'm excited for anything just as long as it's not freezing and snowing. The good thing about the weather here in NJ with the rain is that the trees that bloom flowers have been really nice lately. So pretty... you really do have to appreciate the change in the seasons here in this region because it's very distinct.

Anyway... we didn't get a chance to chat about Tina Knowles' wedding. She married actor Richard Lawson in CA over the weekend and she looks really graceful and happy. Although you never really see Tina with a full blown smile on her face it's good to see that she's found love again. Not to mention that Richard is not a bad looking man. I know she was probably watching 227 back in the day like that man is fine... and she found his ass boy!!!! LOL He kind of favors ole Mathew but he looks better than Mathew in my opinion. One thing is for sure... she definitely has a type. At least in the looks department and hopefully he doesn't act like Mathew. Who needs that type of drama in your later years. They make a beautiful couple!

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This is a beautiful picture. They both look fantastic and Tina's dress was HOT!

These are Richard's children. They're an attractive bunch and from the looks of his kids, he seems to have a type too. LOL

I've been on a Janet Jackson kick lately. I actually went to I-Tunes to buy some vintage Janet and it seems like I'm not alone. Seems as though a few people have actually put it out there on cyber space for Janet to get back to work. She may be busy though working it out on her husband because he's sexy! Get it Ms. Jackson!!!

   So cute!!!!

One of my favorite Janet songs just because I'm feeling nostalgic.

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