Time to Reflect

Exactly 1 year ago I posted on a few other things that I came across including a book and a little video by Oprah. I've posted about meditation and the benefits of taking the time to listen in a previous post (here:laying the seeds for a new you). It happens every year during the time of reflection on the past year that we open ourselves up to trying to improve upon self. It's called resolutions when in actuality it's just a plan to try to find your happy place. Those of you with small "resolutions" should be happy. It actually means that you're right on track and content. For those of us who seek improvement and use the new year as the starting point for fresh beginnings, there is nothing wrong with improvement. It's great to seek out ways to enrich your life.

On that list of improving it should also include how you plan to enrich those around you. You should always strive to be a better you but don't forget that you impact others and your  improvement can be a benefit to those around you. There are 3 traits that not only help you to be a happier person, these traits also help your friends and family to be better themselves.

1) We all have experiences and stories. Use your stories to help guide and inspire others. We are meant to live unique lives but patterns present themselves and we learn as we grow. Your growth can be inspiration and insightful to others even if they don't tell you that. Never be a closed book. This is especially true for adults who can provide benefit to young adults and children. Be a beacon for others and in return you'll be rewarded in other ways.

2) Always strive to be a good friend to those you choose to let in your circle. Notice I said it's a choice. You choose who is in your life and it's very important to choose wisely. Having negative people in your circle impacts you and if you're unhappy then taper off the negativity so that you can make room for a better core group. I mentioned at the beginning that when you're a better you it benefits those around you. and vice versa. You are the company you keep so if your core group consist of negative individuals, then 9 times out of 10 you're negative too but you can change that. It's a choice just like the people you allow in your life are all choices of relationships that you decided to feed with your energy. If you're unhappy with those in your circle then starve the relationship of the energy you bring and direct it towards people or a project that will enrich your spirit. The right people will present themselves when your spirit is aligned to their frequency. Send out positive vibes and be good to those around you and your frequency will change.

3) Be a mirror to those in your life. Never tell someone things that you know are untrue just to appease them. Basically don't lie to anyone for the sake of going with the flow and show them what you see in them. What benefit are you adding? When you notice you're friends or family making choices that are not wise then tell them. It doesn't need to be harsh. If they decided to share their stories and experiences with you then they trust you enough to give them real feedback on what you're hearing. It doesn't have to be belittling feedback or harsh because you shouldn't criticize someones decisions. Being honest is a critical part of any relationship but the trick is to be honest and supportive without being critical. Be a delicate mirror but always speak the truth and provide feedback to your relationships. It's what feeds the bond.