Raising black boys in a white family

Raising adopted children is hard. I know this personally because my family went through the process of adopting 2 relatives of mine that were not strangers and didn't have to go through the adjustment process of getting to know me or my kids because they were family. The dynamics of raising a blended family is difficult and add into that the complexity of race and our society and it surpasses my experience entirely. Yahoo Parenting did a piece on a family living in California who has adopted two boys into their family which include the parents who are white and two biological daughters. Although they spoke on the struggles of raising boys who are black they didn't really touch on the difficulties of a blended family and she strictly spoke on the issues that they have in a society that can be racist while raising two black boys and some of the topics that come up for them. I'm sure it's not easy for them or the children at times but you can see that the love is there and I thought this was interesting.

What's your thoughts?