Great Seasonal Bargains

Are you finished with your holiday shopping yet? If not then let me share with you some great finds that I've found online. Since it's the season for giving it's best when you find a great deal., Also I never forget myself in the mix during this time of year because who knows what I want more than me? Even though I'm usually not looking for myself, I always seem to find me a little something nice.

Aviator shades
I love these blue hued reflective aviator shades. Last year I brought some for my daughter in purple and this year I found them in blue for me. It will go perfectly with denim and just about all your summer wardrobe and the reflective style definitely on trend! Although they cost $125 you can find them cheaper online. 

These happen to be the Michael Kors hvar which I just recently saved on and the trick to purchasing shades is to purchase them from an Optometrist. Preferably an online retailer who sells frames. They tend to offer the best percentages off. I found these at Designer Optics (www.designeroptics.com) and with the additional percentage off I paid $71.00 with tax and shipping. So just an FYI remember to never pay full retail price for sunglasses when you can visit your local eye doctor or online retailer for steep discounts. People who wear glasses probably already figured this one out but for those of us who don't wear glasses we would never know. 

Another great deal to take advantage of during this season is to buy sandals. As you know I absolutely love the gladiator sandal look during during the summer with cut off jeans but I couldn't find a great pair for cheap. Well now is the time to strike for those great summer deals. You'll most likely find sandals marked down with an additional 50% off.  It's also a great time to visit a outlet shop for sneakers. The Nike outlet is a great source for discounted sneakers. I purchased a pair of Fly Knits on sale for $90 earlier in the summer and my mother and I went to the outlets where she purchased the same sneaker for $25. You can't beat those prices!!! Brands are trying to get rid of that old inventory to make room for their new years spring merchandise so there is no shortage of selection.  It's just about finding the right pair and look for you because the style while saving feels great and looks absolutely adorable!!! Another great thing about shoes is that your feet rarely grow during this time of the year but for many the waistline does so accessories is the safest buy.