Ayesha Curry said

So Ayesha Curry posted her opinion on Twitter about her own personal choices in what she wears and the some took it extremely left and it hasn't lost it's traction yet. Basically she was reading a magazine and posted her opinion on the styles she saw in the magazine and people got it super twisted. What people fail to realize is that Ayesha is a happily married woman and mother of two small children so the appeal of wearing more revealing clothes may not be what's best for her life these days. She's caught her man! No need to keep fishing. I don't see the offense in the statement at all. What I found most hilarious about all of this were the comments that I've read. One comment said that she and her husband look like brother and sister to suggest their relationship is incestuous which was funny to me. They do look like they're from the same gene pool. I still don't feel that the comment warded so many attacks because everyone is in different places in life and we all have different likes and dislikes. This is the type of thing you read... and then keep it moving.

In other sports news, Lebron James has worked out a deal with Nike that would continue long after he's left the league because it's to span his lifetime which is unprecedented. He's on a role with his business acumen which is incredible! I am not mad at him. He's ventured into movies, and television shows.. and now a lifetime deal with Nike on top of his success on the basketball court! No wonder