R. Kelly and Anthony Cumia... WTF moments

If you think that what you do in your personal life doesn't impact your professional life than think again.  With social media blurring the lines between personal and professional images, it's easier for those watching to tie the two together which can alter perception of you collectively. In our society today people actually make a living off of their online social presence and personalities so it shouldn't be hard to connect the dots when thinking in terms of the average person either. Companies use it to scout out potential talented new hires and people use it to leverage friendships so if something is out there on the internet about you, then people will use it to judge you. That includes any charges brought against you in the legal world. Those charges depicts your negative choices and highlights those issues for the world to scrutinize and if you're a celebrity your personal decisions are amplified and will be used against you. In the world of celebrity, your personal life choices aren't so personal and nothings off limits. It's basically part of the package deal when you have a public persona and need the approval of your audience. That leads me to two separate stories today where two celebrity men became upset when their personal choice were being discussed or in one case, documented during a domestic abuse.

R. Kelly recently sat with Huffington Post and the interviewer asked him about his previous issues with underage girls and he became upset and walked off camera, cutting the interview short. He was clearly upset but tried his best to remain semi-calm (btw... do you like the picture choices?  Did you catch what I did there? LOL). When asked about how his  actions impact his music sales he said one topic didn't have anything to do with the other and that's where I disagree. You're a entertainer and he's made his living off of overtly sexual music leading fans to be extremely interested in his sex life. The problem becomes up for ethical debate when finding out his interests are young teenage girls. Ohhh and not to mention that during all of this he was married with kids of his own so to me he shouldn't get upset when asked questions about his personal preference when it's been widely documented. Yes... people still may like his music but you can't just wish personal indiscretions away. It doesn't work like that for any of us. Watch for yourself as he clearly becomes annoyed and then tries to defuse the situation by giving the interviewer a compliment on her looks. 

Then you have a full blown shock video of Anthony Cumia who is 54 beating on his 26 year old girlfriend! What a fucking douche! He actually looks like an ass though but back to my topic...  I couldn't even watch this video entirely after the first 20 seconds or so because he smacks her in the first few seconds and then she shows her hand which looks like a fucking water filled glove!!! She was a little too calm in my opinion but you can clearly see the hand and hear the smack and this from a man old enough to be her father. I never listened to the radio show but I read that he's no longer on the show that made him famous but none the less, he's still very widely known and has current partnerships, one of which is with Amazon. Watch that money come to a halt all because he couldn't keep his hands to himself! Hitting women is NOT a wise decision for any man professionally but when it's a celebrity the money dries up. In this case the money needs to dry all the way up. He's a POS!!!!