Little acts of kindness

It's the season for being thankful for all that we have especially in a world where so many have very little. With the holiday season upon us, we often think of things we want and we teach those values to our children at a very early age it's no wonder we're a world of consumers. We aren't trained to think of what we can do for the next person or how we can better someone day.

Here are little tips that you can use to give back this holiday season.

1. make bags for the homeless with necessities (tampons, towelettes, toothbrush with toothpaste, travel soap, and cheap washrag, disposable razors). Most of these things they sell cheaply at Walmart and the dollar store so they won't break the bank too much. It can be in Ziplock bags or any old bags you have laying around the house for women and its such a generous gesture and really means a lot to people who aren't able to purchase those basics.

If you take the train to work then it's the perfect way to pass it out without going out of your way or maybe if you're a parent, you can take your kids with you one Saturday or Sunday morning so they can witness the generosity. This teaches them humility and the importance of being kind to their fellow man. If a child is never exposed to helping people outside of their immediate circle then they grow up not understanding the impact they can make with simple acts of kindness. It really does uplift not only them but the people they help.

2. Find a person on GoFundMe and donate a few dollars to a story or an issue that speaks to you. I did this for a someone I went to high school with and was never even acquainted with and she took the time to write me personally because I know she was surprised. It wasn't related to a bad scenario or anything. She simply wanted extra money to send her son with his football team to Orlando to compete for a national title and to experience Disney (one of my favorite places) and I know the holiday season is tough for parents who want to give all of their children gifts so I know it meant a lot. I've done this a few times but in this case is was for someone I somewhat knew so it made it a little more personal for me.

3. Invite a group of co-workers to contribute as well. They may be willing to help out too during this season.

For my little act of sharing with you. I'm always looking for chill music and my daughter put me on to SOULECTION - which a nice array of really good music on Sound Cloud. The channel is DOPE!!! Link: Soulection
Hopefully you'll enjoy it and it can take you through your day like it gets me through mine. One of my new favorite songs that I've heard listening to this station on Sound Cloud are SPZRKT & Sango Hipster Girl. So from my little hipster girl to me now to you.
Take a listen: Hipster Girl