Another Year... Another day to re-invent yourself

As we begin to close out another year it's a must to reflect on what you've learned this past year. Everyday is a chance to learn something new and experience new things. Have you filled your days with new things? Do you feel that you're living to your fullest potential? If you do then you're extremely blessed. But for those who are still seeking new experiences or looking to find your passion then today is a new day to move in the right direction.

So that leads us to the how's.  How do you break out of the pattern that you've set for yourself? How do we break out of our individual norms? The trick is not to try one big thing expecting a big bang change but to do little subtle changes that lead to a big change over time. Like a Humming bird.

Take a listen as Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love explain the difference.