Zola... the new internet buzz!

I'm sure you've heard about the internet sensational story of a girl and her hoe-tales which document how she went to Florida with some strangers she met a day prior to "dance" (we use the word dance loosely). Let me back up some... my daughter (if you read this often then you know I'm talking about the teen-aged one) get's up the same time that I do in the mornings. She prepares for school and me to leave for work but yesterday she was already awake. This is at 6 am might I add and she has been awake for an hour reading some story she's been reading on Twitter that's super long giving me a play by play. As she's eagerly breaking it down for me I said to myself 'sounds like normal early 20's slut-tales' but I let her finish because she always finds interesting stuff to tell me. Fast forward to today a full 36 hours later and I read the story myself online (you can read it here: ZOLA'S TALE) and I see for myself why she was captivated. Honestly I wish my baby wasn't reading stuff like this online but she is almost 18 and shame on me for letting her read and providing modern technology (joking) but anyway the story is good but not because it's an amazing tale. It's a good read because of the way the author breathes life into the story. It flows like you're talking to a friend and she's telling you a story that you'll later use to pass judgement.  If you look at it purely on face value you'll see it's a depiction of where we are in 2015. Young girls feel the need to degrade themselves for a quick buck and the wolves feed on sheep so they take advantage of these girls.

Now with that said this girl really does weave a epic tale that has the internet buzzing all because of
the way she wrote it which is true talent. However the story isn't new at all. If you're young and in that life then this seems about average. If you're willing to get into a car with strangers with the intentions to go 'strip' then you've got to know that things can go left! It's all in the game. Anyway... me being the snoop that I am, I went to take a look at her Instagram and as I write this her Instagram following has went up by @ 500+ people in about 30 minutes. That's insane!!!!  She took a story about a pimp "Deebo-ing" impressionable young ladies into making money for him and made it into a sensation all in a matter of 24 hours and the ironic thing is she tried to delete the entire thing after she put it out there. Well hopefully she and all the individuals impacted can make an honest dollar out of their twisted ordeal. She has gotten real interest from the 'Hollywood' set and you can't change what's done. Turn lemons into lemonade as they say and I must admit... I found the story very entertaining!