Weekly Recap... NYC Halloween Parade and Balmain H&M Fashion

Happy Friday beautiful people! I'm in the NYC area and the weather for this time of the year couldn't be any better because it's been really mild temperatures for November. Yesterday and today were in the mid 70's and that's amazing for this area in November especially being that my birthday was on Monday. I celebrated by catching the remnants of the Halloween parade in the village. The costumes are amazing!!! I found a few pictures for you to sample. If you're ever in the city during late October then I highly recommend catching the parade.

Then yesterday was the debut of the Balmain H&M collection. I tried twice to log on to their website but it was crashed starting at 5am! Finally after trying a few times throughout the day, I was able to get online and view at 9pm and the entire collection is sold out! That took less than 24 full hours which is absolutely amazing. 

A few of the pieces we've seen already on celebrities in the past but still it was a rarity for those who love the look but can't afford the pieces. If you're really into fashion then you were on it I'm sure but for those who could admire from a far, then here's a sneak peak at what you missed.