Catching a movie tonight??? Try Sicario

It's officially the weekend. Are you planning on kicking back and catching a movie? If so then I strongly suggest Sicario. To be honest I hadn't even heard of Sicario until my husband kept mentioning that he wanted to catch it as soon as it came out and I'm glad that I listened because it was indeed a good movie. Although I wish it had been more action packed it was still a very good movie that made you think about it after it was over. Well at least that's how I judge if I've seen a great movie.

Sicario is about an FBI agent played by Emily Blunt who by chance gets voluntarily drafted to work with another unit to take down a Mexican drug cartel. When she thinks she's making the best decision to win a war against some bad people, she quickly learns she a pawn in a spiraling twist of events. Although it does have some really gruesome scenes and a few gun fights, the story is really about the shady dealings of the US government. In one scene the drug lord says "who do you think taught us?" in which it's implied they received the blueprint from the same government that's working to dismantle them.

 Another great noticeable implication of the movie is that the US government underhandedly involves itself in other countries affairs and even goes as far as to use unethical means to achieve their own goals. So the untrustworthy puppet master pulling the strings then gets upset when their creation gets uncontrollable then re-writes the rules. It surely is a dirty game but provides a great story line.

I prefer movies that make you think and this definitely leaves you wondering. One thing for sure is that it exposes the dog eat dog mentality because even when you think you're on the right team trying to do good with like minded people, you'll be surprised to what these people are willing to do to get what they want.