Drugs and Sex and memory loss

Today there is a popular scandal circulating about the ex-boxer (Yusaf Mack) who claims he was drugged and basically raped. Well it's not that simple... he said he was a willing participant in a porn but to loosen himself up he took a pill (that someone gave him) and some liquor and that was the last thing he remembers but what he said he consented to was heterosexual sex. He later discovered that he had participated in homosexual sex with two men but has no recollection of the event until he saw it for himself. You can read the full story here: NYDailynews

Now to the story I'm concerned about. He says he is engaged to be married and as a woman I couldn't proceed with my plans to marry a man whom I cannot trust. This entire story is sad but it's also suspicious. Could I really believe that he had no memory of the ordeal and if so why wouldn't he mention his initial plans to me? He also has 10 children!!! Now he says he's left having to explain this to his kids. Now it is possible that he really doesn't recall this occurring to him but ladies... could you still marry a man who has gone through this??? Also as a boxer doesn't it go against what they practice to willingly take drugs?? Would you believe him? It's all too much for me... I honestly could not.