Matthew Knowles on The Breakfast Club

You know I like to talk about the interviews I hear in the morning driving in and today The Breakfast

Club interviewed Matthew Knowles so you know we have to discuss. We all know Matthew for his
contributions to his daughters success but there were things he discussed that I was shocked to learn like he once managed Nas. Who knew??? Then there were things that he didn't share or discuss that were the most interesting like him fathering kids outside of his marriage. He refused to talk about his personal life and took little jabs a Charlamagne for bringing up the topics but let's be honest those are the topics we really want to hear. Now don't get me wrong, we all have our faults and Matthew is no different but it's those juicy tidbits that make people really interested in you. No one likes a squeaky clean image because the scandal is good for the gossip mill and we are a society who loves our gossip so let's get to it.

Full interview inside.

 During the interview he said a few times about how smart he is and how he likes to be the smartest one in the room but from my experience if you have to advertise that you're 'smart' then you tend to have self-doubts and it usually tends to be a sign of insecurity. Well he is on the promotional tour for a book and a class that he's pushing so he wants to come across as smart but to achieve that you should let your pitch sell your qualities instead of flat out saying "I'm smart" come get these gems of knowledge that I have. One thing they left out of of the snippet I found on the internet was the end when he and Charlamagne exchanged some tense words. He called Charlamagne insecure and suggested that it may stem from his childhood and Charlamagne tried to push Matthew's buttons about spreading his seed with the strippers and his cheating ways. It was a very tense few minutes.  Personally I think
Charlamagne didn't hold back because Matthew is 63 and he wasn't scared of ole Mattie but if he was younger he wouldn't have tried it. He is very selective in his shade because I've listened plenty of times where I've heard these rappers shut that shit down and he fell right in line but when you have a 63 year old it's all fair??? Come on now! We all get the sense that Charlamagne has a weakness for the ladies and some new cat too so don't come for Matthew when you're guilty in the same sense. Men get a bad wrap for something we're all guilty of. As a married women and a women period I look at men and can admit that I find them attractive but acting on that is another topic all together. Men who cheat act on their attraction and there are plenty of women who act similarly. It's all a matter of your own personal inclination to act on your temptation. But that is a personal battle. Yes it's good for gossip but honestly I felt that the interview was a bit disrespectful. He's accomplished a lot in his years and he's made some mistakes but those were his mistakes.