Amazon wants a piece of the Etsy pie!

Amazon has launched Handmade which is set up similarly to the Etsy concept of selling hand crafted goods to the mass market consumers and I for one love the idea. I love Etsy and if you're familiar with the our blog then you know that I often scour Etsy for good products to share with you here like this one: Etsy Love and the more the merrier in my opinion. I personally shop Amazon often and having more of an authentic often times eclectic mix, is a great thing.

We should all get in touch with our creative sides and start side businesses where you can sell products that are more personal to people. It's increases your overall happiness by giving you a hobby and gives you a few extra bucks so it's definitely a win-win. Also having hobbies are extremely rewarding.  I also read about how these projects which often start out as simple hobbies have transitioned into multi-million dollar businesses and creating entrepreneurs in this market is always good. Jobs are fickle and I honestly believe that we as a society will soon transition out of the traditional 9-5 mindset. How many of us sit at a job we hate for hours looking at the clock wishing to be other places and doing other things? Becoming an entrepreneur allows for you to be free. You may work more hours but you'll be working for what's most important and that's yourself. Try it! Create something and keep creating... because you never know. The trick is to get in the game early and establish yourself. The iron for this one is hot right now so make sure you strike! Just be sure to fill me in on your story. I love it when you share!