Up Next... Jeans and New Solar Energy Technology

Solar panel windows has finally had the break through it's been seeking when a group of researchers from Michigan State University were able to create a fully transparent solar cell. This is revolutionary as it transforms how we can potentially use everything to generate power including the screen of your mobile device. 

It works without the need to install any of the panels and can be used on any glass. This is how it works, first the glass panels are treated with a photovoltaic coating consisting of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and some other non disclosed elements. The active layer absorbs the light while the transparent conductors make energy extraction possible. To keep the window transparent a special coated treatment is applied to the glass in liquid form and then cured on the inside to protect from elements. This is suppose to last for up to 50 years and even works on plastic. In the overview pictured here you can see that some light spectrum passes through the pane but other non transparent spectrum is trapped and processed for energy. The mass market isn't flood yet and you nor myself are actually able to go purchase this in the market but it will be available within the next four years. 
Also you know that one of the topics I love to talk about the most is fashion and more specifically functional fashion. I love jeans but it's hard to find jeans that fit well and look well. I swear that is one of the most blogged about
topics that we cover here at USBFF. Finding the perfect jean can be a real challenge. I've purchased denim that I've worn a few times but sits unused in my closet because there's something just not right with them. It's usually the wash that turns me off. Plus I've read countless times that you're not suppose to wash your denim but I'm sorry... I think that's just gross. I have to wash my clothes. Maybe I can get two wears out of them but then I feel nasty hanging them back up among my clean clothes so I wash them and they deteriorate after a while and finding replacements jeans that I love is hard so I was delighted to read about American Eagles flex denim technology which are designed to provide comfort, retention and durability. They're supposed to retain their shape and provide enough stretch to sustain real movement so I figured I would give these a try. I don't usually buy AE denim because I don't like the rear pocket design (I told you I was picky) but I'm willing to overlook that for a pair of great fitting jeans. Especially if they're distressed jeans at a reasonable price.