Jordyn and Megan... Living their Best Life!

I am not mad at Jordyn for solidifying her HOT GIRL SUMMER with the creator Megan the Stallion. I enjoy RAP music! That's my shit and Megan is definitely enjoying the fame off her Fever album. She dropped a few jewels in Pimpin because all women should take note because these are words to live by FOREVER!

"Damn I want some head but I chose the dough instead... I could never ever let a nigg* fuck me out my bread!       Ain't no dick alive that could make me lose my mind.."  
For those of you who need a translation, it basically means get your fucking mind right ladies and don't let any man discourage you from getting your money FIRST! Do what you feel is right for you and if he's not with it or can't see that you have ambition goals for financial freedom then he's not for you (PERIOD). I don't care how many butterflies you have thinking about him or enjoy his company for right now. The picture is bigger than how he makes you feel at the moment! A lot of  women let "feelings" control their actions. NOPE... don't play yourself. Didn't even like the song at first but once I heard the message... I was sold on Megan!
Jordyn's out here trying to get her a bag and I'm not mad at her! Keep them talking about you and people will keep trying to link up which will increase her exposure and secure those earnings. That's the business model she's following and it may not be for you or me... but it's definitely a recipe. Good luck to all the ladies out there paving a road to their own success. I love to see ladies WINNING!

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