Khloe's breakdown on the finale of KUWTK... and Jordyn and Kylie

I'm back bitches!!! Sorry for the hiatus but sometimes I just don't feel up to it with all that's going on in the world... well... MY own personal world. Life can get sooo complicated but regardless. Let's chat!

I'm not a KUWTK fan and haven't watched the show in forever but I do want to see the finale of their last season with the blow up of Jordyn and Khloe. If I had to choose which of the sisters I liked the most it would have definitely been Khloe. Up until she said some questionable stuff about getting her daughter a "mixed" doll. That irked the shit out of me because there is no such thing as a "mixed" doll. There are lighter hued dolls with different textures of hair to symbolize but there are no mixed dolls. Hell... her daughter is black. Once she enters the world her daughter will carve out her own existence from how she's treated and I'm certain she'll experience some questionable behavior that will help her self identify. That's what people who have mixed children don't get. You may have one ideal of what your child is based on YOUR experiences but I guarantee you... based on how your child "looks", they'll have their own set of experiences that will certainly shape their world which may be completely different from your own experiences and a lot will be based on race. Especially in America and no amount of wealth or fame can protect you from others hatred. Besides for Khloe I just thiink she picked a disrespectful lowdown dog to try and start a family with. We're not even going to speak on the fact that when she meant him he already had a pregnant girlfriend! Tristan's ex said that Khloe knew full and well that they were together because she saw them at a wedding together. To be exact she saw them together at her cousin's wedding to Kevin Hart. Probably where he pushed up and she fell for it. Soooo in that case you win some/lose some. Make better choices!

I'll try to catch the episode but one thing that poignantly stuck out in my mind was that Kylie lost her closest friend during all of that and for whatever reason that really bothered me. Friends are hard to find! At least
real ones and you could hear in her voice on the clip when she's talking to Kim and she starts to cry that she's hurt because she saw her friend hurt. That's love!!! Regardless of what happen between Jordyn and Tristan what you're witnessing is a loss. I think Kylie needed her friend because as we've all seen they have spent countless time together. When you've seen Kylie in the past you've definitely seen Jordyn. At her birth, on vacations, during her holiday post and even in her home as Jordyn lived with her.  I'm sure that's been a very emotional experience for them both and no matter how many new pictures they post showing they've moved on they are still going through it. I now follow Jordyn myself on IG because I think she was bullied during that entire thing but was she wrong??? DEFINITELY! 
There is a girl code that no matter how old you are you're suppose to know. However being friends with Kardashian's probably didn't help her in learning that lesson beforehand because they don't follow girl code themselves. You cannot fault a girl for following your playbook. You're just angry that she did it to YOU.

I had an ex-friend who had her own questionable behavior with that exact thing once she had her two children that are mixed. She said that her daughter's school picked on her and labeled her daughter the problem child and she thought that maybe it was due to her daughter being mixed. Well... not sure if that is it but it definitely could be but either life will play out and she'll hear of questionable scenarios that will clearly be race related that you cannot protect your child from.

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