Beyonce put out personal pics on her website!

Just in case you haven't heard or seen the pics that Beyonce put out to commemorate her 37 bday here ya go! During the same time I figured we can chat about some fashion too because in some of the pictures she drop some definite fashion jewels and I love a good eye catching piece. Especially when it comes to accessories.

This diamond encrusted neck choker is the same that was recently worn by Gigi.
Super CUTE with anything!

Just thought these coats on both her and Hay were cute!

HAND CUFF that's blinged out and a nude lip.
Cannot go wrong with a nude lip and heavy on unique accessories

Ya'll gonna learn about a good waist bag Hunny!

look at that succulent plant wall
The matching set off the shoulder with the heart chandelier diamonds ain't too bad either!
Also you're going to need to invest in a pair of clear wedges that goes with EV-er-Y-Thing! 

I've always said investing in a Great Trench and coat PERIOD is a must!!!!
This trench is cute

Blinged out Clear Heels AGAIN and that WAIST BAG!!!
I'm a FAN of a great waist bag! Guaranteed to not lose anything

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