Rihanna's Fenty Clothing Line

Lord knows I love me some Rihanna but I'm not fully blown away with her clothing line. Well let me correct that... MOST of the items from her recently released Fenty collaboration with LVMH definitely looks like Rihanna designed them. What I mean by that is that the collection mirrors some of her previously released fashion lines which means that it has an island flare to it and I'm not a huge fan. However everything isn't for everybody so for those who love it... ball out! There are a few bangers amongst the batch that I feel are worth buying but only when I see some sale prices. If nothing goes on sale then I'm good with the miss.

One things for sure she's definitely sticking with the LVMH traditional price points which for the average is a splurge. The denim skirt, which is a banger is $360 and the pleated pants that I LOVE are $485! The pants are on my watch list. A pair of straight fit denim will run you $400 and the cheapest pair of earrings are $335. The sunnies/shades are all $400 and up but they're cute too! The cute corset dress is $990!!! Love the corset dress but it's not on my watch list. The corset t-shirt dress is $300 and it's super cute and fits the model like butter but it's a t-shirt and I can make something similar for less than $40.Also the shoes are a hard pass for me. Remember it's the name and partnership you're paying for but... if you've got then go for it! 

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