Nicole out here throwing that Thang!!!

Can we please break down the Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua fiasco??? Nicole and Lela... these two had to know each other and run in similar circles. Nicole put out a statement with B. Scott saying that she and Antoine were family friends and they were just saying hello because they were at the same event but I'll be damned if you say hello with 2 kisses on the lips!!! Also from the looks of the photos these look staged! Like she hired the photographer to hide out in the bushes and take the pics to leak her own story. Seems like she looked DEAD into the camera to me! Not once... but twice! She's been single supposedly for a while and if you're sleeping with a "family friend" and tired of the secrecy wouldn't you want his wife to conveniently find out?! I honestly believe she set the narrative. YESSS honey... she's sipping her OWN tea! She's too old for all this but best believe she knows what she's doing!

I feel sorry for Lela who deleted both her Twitter and IG after these pictures came out. It's been reported in the past that Lela's aware of her husbands infidelity however I'm sure she wasn't expecting it to be NICOLE!!! Lela has worked with Nicole's ex-husband on Harlem Nights so there is a loose connection there. Regardless Nicole definitely knows that man is married. Lela and Antoine have been married for twenty years and saying that he's a family friend well that too in itself is all types of messy. Lela has every right to be waiting at LAX in the arrival section. I know I would!

Come on now Lela... you better show up some where! 

UPDATE: Nicole put out a statement saying "I want to apologize to my family and to Lela and the fuqua family for what transpired... it was not my intention to be in this situation... I too was once married and I would never intentionally undermine another woman, despite what has been written". 

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