Build your self esteem and self confidence!!!

Too many people confuse self esteem with self confidence and they are completely different concepts. However both have great importance on how we navigate through the world and our successes. Self-confidence tends to be easier to build because it is codependent on you ability to achieve certain goals and tasks. Being self confident leads to successful experiences and your motivation to pursue certain goals and your ability to achieving those goals are related to your own self confidence. You believed that you could therefore you did is a perfect example of this. It's easy to build self confidence in children from an early age by pushing them (with minor guidance) to achieve task that they thought were difficult and acknowledging their growth and successful completion. It's a integral part of parenting! It's also important for you to continue to strengthen your own self confidence because as we grow and settle into life we tend to push ourselves less. We tell ourselves things like "what's the point in learning (enter whatever here) because we already do (enter what you do here). In my profession as an IT Manger I often witness this when a company introduces new technology. Constantly people don't even step up to the plate to learn something new and put forth no effort at all which is detrimental to your continued success and growth. Yet the same person will complain about how they never have enough money or they wish they were better off in their jobs. HOW?!?! Stop wishing and take steps to start doing and you'll get there or at least closer to your goals than you would get by doing nothing! Totally step out of your comfort zone and start experiencing things that are challenging to you.

Then there is self esteem which is the belief in your overall worth. In regards to self esteem it's totally a a self defeating or self achieving goal. You must decide which you partake in. We are our own worst enemy for the most part and we need to be mindful of the thoughts we have about ourselves. Identifying a part of us that we would like to change is normal but harping on it is self defeating. If you're unhappy about something in your life build that "SELF CONFIDENCE" and change it. You'll be surprised what minor tweaks and subtle changes can do to build your self-esteem. Making subtle changes and adopting an appreciative opinion of yourself goes a long way and setting achievable goals for yourself will definitely assist in valuing your strengths. You cannot find self worth within someone else. Self esteem is internally driven.

So how exactly does one build self confidence and self-esteem? One driver of both that I've found is exercise! How does exercise improve your self confidence? When one begins a new exercise routine it's a dauntingly painful task. LITERALLY!!! You start out sweating and watching the clock. At times ready to throw in the towel but you must be persistent. Start off with small incremental times and small goals such as 5 minutes on the stair master and moving up to 10 minutes. You reach those small achievable goals and you naturally start to push yourself to achieve more. Subsequently you'll start to notice results in your body and again you'll start to push yourself ever more slightly and simultaneously you're having small wins. Winning thoughts that help boost your self confidence and you're thinking highly of yourself inadvertently boosting your self-esteem! Way to go because YOU ROCK!!!

Another tip to building self confidence is to stop hiding parts of who you are. Live in your truth and be honest with people and yourself. Have you ever caught yourself censoring bits of a conversation because you felt that the other person would be critical of you for what you said? Don't do that! We tend to let things play out in our heads and we beat ourselves up over those types of reactions whereas if you were honest and told the other person about yourself you're allowing then to form their decision and you're living in your truth. Why should you care what someone else thinks about your personal decision to be a professional dog walker? That person will either take you as you are or not. Either way you're eliminating those who aren't your tribe. They aren't effecting your bills or your living situation and their opinion shouldn't matter. The only opinion that matters is your own. If you're not happy or proud of anything that you're currently doing then change it. Take those steps necessary to get you to where you want to be and if walking dogs in the interim makes you happy then do that and be proud of it.   The sooner you adopt these few tips the better you'll feel about your life and the direction in which you're headed.

Remember that arrogance isn't a part of living in your truth. Actually it supports the contrary and is a sign of insecurity. Arrogance requires external validation to feel good about oneself. You don't need to be flashy to feel good about yourself. Never try to dim someone else light to make your own seem brighter. Building up others ultimately give you a sense of pride that you were able to brighten someone else's day and that too helps in building up your own self esteem. It also pulls people in where they want to be around you but be mindful that everyone isn't a part of your tribe and you'll need to be selective about who you allow into your personal circle too because some people can be vibe vultures. They notice you're self confidence and warmth and are drawn to you to see if they can get a piece of what you're radiating. When they notice that they aren't able to get that same vibe for themselves they'll start to try to devalue yours because why should you feel confident within yourself?! LOL  Beware of those people and if one of them got into your circle identify it and work on reducing the time you invest in people like that. You'll be doing yourself a great favor by eliminating those vibe vultures because you'll be clearing the path for more valuable people to enter your life.

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