No New Friends... Not so fast!

I'm a loner. Have been for a long time and I'm okay with that. However I do understand that there is a difference between being a loner and having no friends what so ever. I stumbled upon this video and I get the message but I think it can be misconstrued because we're all social, interconnected beings. If you think you don't need social contact then you're mistaken. That's exactly why being in solitary confinement drives people insane and is cruel inhuman punishment.

With the increase in social media usage and just modern society as a whole, the disconnected factor has been very prevalent. More people than ever before feel they are lacking a deep connection with others are are  lonely. The lack of friends/relationships are leading to an increase in depression. So much so that we're all starting to believe that it's okay and a sign of strength to not need people. Or we have a bunch of meaningless fleeting connections and instead of just being "friendly" with just anyone it's best that we seek out real connections. Depression can be a byproduct of loneliness and it can also lead to other things such as alcoholism and self harm. Therefore preaching that being solo and not finding connections is harmful.

The innate need for relationships and sincere bonds are real and it's the very reason why we notice the void. It's also a reason why pet ownership is up. As society it's normal to feel misunderstood occasionally and we my feel alone from time to time but it shouldn't be long term.We even seek out nurturing relationships with pets and we view pets as a way to fill a void. It's exactly why people feel their pets are a part of their family because they've bonded. We're starting to believe that it's okay to be alone on a prolonged basis and it's not. This is different from being comfortable with your own company. Temporary isolation and time for self-reflection is great. However having meaningful relationships assist us develop as a well rounded individual. We learn about ourselves from our interactions with others and life lessons like selflessness, compassion, strength as well as discovering our patients and tolerance levels. 

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