Nicole Murphy Clears the Air

Yesterday on Wendy Williams talk show, Nicole Murphy was the guest and she was there to set the record straight on kissing Antoine Fuqua. She gave it a few weeks to die down but she let it out. Understandably nervous about rehashing the story in front of an audience she tried to downplay the situation as if she was mislead to believe that Antoine wasn't married. Well I call BS on that! Hollywood is too small and the way she kept referencing social media she clearly knows how to use it. She could have easily jumped online to do a bit of digging to see if he was separated, single or divorced but she didn't. His 20 year marriage wasn't hidden but it wasn't a factor when they were together.

In spite of all that she did take advantage of the situation and offered her personal apology to his wife Lela on camera which was decent but clearly she's one to overlook the ring.  My take is.. if he was willing to do it then he should've been the one held accountable. It 's his marriage and Nicole is single! Nicole should have played it the same way he has and just not spoken on the situation at all if it were really bothersome to her. She came on Wendy's show to push her products which must be slowing in sales because she could have used her social media to push her stuff. Her core supporters will always be her supporters and her products weren't new therefore I believe she came to keep her name buzzing because there is no such thing as bad publicity. It would have been golden if she had played into the role completely and came out wearing a full catsuit! No one could deny the fact that Nicole looks great for a 51 year old grandmother!

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