Work frenemies

We've all done it. The fake smile but you really could care less. I'm guilty of it myself.  Let's play a typical scene from work out shall we?

Co-worker: Hey... what are you doing for lunch?
Me: I'm running to get me something to eat... most likely Wendy's.
Co-worker: Come back and join us (unspoken: so we can delve into your life).
Me: OK... but really I'm planning to eat my pre-made lunch my car minus the Wendy's and BS.

Now I wouldn't say that I dislike my co-workers at all. I may even find their conversation entertaining at times and I've even invited a few to my wedding but this still doesn't mean we're friends. I've witnessed these people smile in someones face while plotting to get them fired because they've felt they worked harder than them. With that said we don't even work on the same projects or areas of expertise but you feel that you work harder than someone else so they should be fire? People are amazing with the crabs in a barrel mentality. BTW... that is the same when dealing with fake friends but we'll discuss that in a later post. 

In the office it's not spoken but everyone is watching. They watch what time you clock in and out (side note: even if you don't physical punch in nor out they're still watching), they pass your screen to see what's on it, and they monitor your outfits to see how you're spending money (which basically is open season for them to ask you questions about your home life to see how your funds are).  My question to you is, is this the new norm in a work environment and if so what's the real incentive to try your luck at another company? It's basically the same mentality but it's worst when you're the newbie. Do you stick with what you know or take your experience and run for more money? Are all jobs filled with post highschool Regina George's? 

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