If we are what we eat

So I read an article about the extreme variance between what a chicken weighed during the 1950's versus what chickens look like now and I'm sorry but the article stated that it wasn't due to hormones being fed to the chickens but I disagree. Just look at the damn chickens and the picture speak for itself!!!
As always I have a story to link back to my own personal experiences that I thought was a bit conflicting to the above but whatever. We're friends right???! LOL
So I took a trip to Georgia with my husband and we stopped by a Hooter's to grab some wings. At the time, I had never been to a Hooter's restaurant and we were hungry, jet lagged and looking to grab something relatively quick before we headed over to the hotel so Hooter's it was.
When the wings finally came after they hunted the chicken, plucked it and served it to me (well that's an exaggeration but it really did take my wings 40 minutes to come out), I was highly disappointed. First I was disappointed at how long the damn wings took before they were served. There is no reason why freakin wings should take longer then 15 minutes max but anyway when they finally came out they were freakishly small. I didn't order cornish hen wings or wingettes I order full blown wings and I was shocked (at the time) and disappointed! Who the hell could eat those and feel comfortable paying the price they were asking??? In comparison to my Jersey wings, these were beyond small and I was highly upset at the time. I swear I wish I had a picture but that was then and this is now.
Now I think about it and this type of stuff explains it. Were my wings in Georgia simply a better quality because they weren't modified? Or was it just a bad batch? Either way, I'll leave you to look at the picture for yourself and do your own critical thinking on the subject. Please feel free to share your own stories with me.
Oh and if you want to read the article that I referred to then here ya go:huffingtonpost.com CHICKENS

I just thought this next image was fitting for the article and funny

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